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Privacy & Policy

Privacy is a fundamental right, and at DGF and its group companies, it is treated as the most important aspect. The document sets forth our existing policy in this regard.

Sources of collecting Personal Data
Respect for people is the foundation of our organisation. Respect for people is equally treated as respecting their right to privacy. We are engaged in the works for the cause of serving society. It is dedicated to protect the environment, serve underprivileged children and support social cohesion, empower families, build models of development, and promote innovative leadership. The users of our website are those in need and those ready to help.

In carrying out the work, we collect and process personal data of our users and visitors. Personal data is collected in the course of handling on the website. It is also collected by us outside of website through in-person meetings, participation in conferences and other business forums, transaction or promotion of business, and with respect to job applicants, through job application materials. Many a times social media also become a medium for the collection of date for us. Please note, if your personal data is available with us, more likely than not, it has been shared by you only.

Personal Data Protection
DGF take every measure to protect personal data collected against theft, loss and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification. We take every care to protect the information we maintain.

Retention of Data
The personal data collected retains with us for as long as required to fulfil the purposes including for the cause of satisfying any contractual, legal, regulatory, accounting or reporting obligations.
Right to Object and Unsubscribe
In a case if you find your personal data being used for direct marketing by us then you have the right to object. You can immediately write to us at support@divinegroupfoundation.com. We also give you the write to unsubscribe us from electronic communications by utilizing the unsubscribe feature contained in our emails.
Updating Privacy Policy
From time to time, we update our Privacy Policy. Currently on our website we have the most updated version for better understanding.
For further Information
Please feel free to direct any questions concerning our privacy policy to support@divinegroupfoundation.com.

Donation Refund Policy

DGF has instituted a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. DGF expects that all donors will exercise due care and diligence while making donations. DGF also recognizes that a donation may be made erroneously or donors may change their mind. DGF will examine request for refund of donation and endeavor to make the refund. DGF may also seek proper explanation and reason from the user. Also, it will require further verification of the user and need documents of proof as well as for donation.

DGF is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been issued.

Donation is nonrefundable as its going in support of public/farmers welfare. Return gift are given by choice and should not be claimed in exchange of donation amount. But we assure donor will definitely receive return gifts as it’s a part of our social service.

Donation refund can be claimed within 72 hours of successful transaction. This cannot be claimed if you already have received the return gifts.

Your refund request must contain the details such as Date of Donation, Amount of Donation, Mode of Donation i.e. Credit Card or Online Payment and should reach DGF office within 7 (Seven) days from the date on which you made the donation i.e.:

  • The date on which you Made the donation online, electronically or through other means, OR
  • The date on which you Handed over the cheque / demand draft to DGF or someone authorized by DGF for this purpose, OR
  • The date on which you Dispatched the cheque / demand draft to DGF by other means.

Note: The security deposit is against your confirmation as finalist of miss divine beauty 2022.

If you withdraw or are not able to attend and participate in the competition, your security deposit will get forfeited.

Also, you will not be able to participate again for the upcoming editions of Miss Divine Beauty.

Refund policy: This Security deposit is refundable.

You will get the refund of this amount after the successful completion of your reign as finalist for at least 90 days after the finale of Miss divine beauty.
OR after the coronation of Miss Earth 2022.

You will receive a payment ID after deposit. You need to share your payment ID at MissDivineBeauty22@gmail.com.