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Divine Group Foundation

Divine Group Foundation is a part of Internationally acclaimed "Divine Group". DGF is a Non - Profit Organization registered under Sec 8 of Companies Act 2013. DGF was founded under the aegis of Mr Deepak Aggarwal who did work on the issues related with environment & health while he was studying in USA. DGF is dedicated to protect Earth and environment, upliftment of the underprivileged, women empowerment, improve tribal economy & promote healthy food eating practices. This mission of DGF is to spread awareness about millets & their health benefits & encourage people to include millets in their daily diet.

Objective: Food and Nutritional Security, Health and Economic Security, Earth and Environmental Security and Improvement in tribal Lives. Divine Millet Movement is an approach for sustainable agriculture and healthy world. Tribal follow environmental conservation rule in harvesting edible plants which establishes ecological prudence

Pillar of DGF

Divine Group Foundation was founded by Mr Deepak Agarwal, who is the Chairman of the Group. An eminent business leader and social activist, he brings over many years of experience to the Foundation. In addition to his passion for work and rich professional career, he is also recognised for his strong values that include helping everyone with the best experience possible and always working with integrity.

He says, "Our agenda is to give back the planet earth for so much it has provided us. We strive for a healthy environment not only for humans beings but for all the species that reside on our beautiful planet. To the declining air quality, water shortage, untimely floods and rains, forest fires, non renewable resources almost getting exhausted in coming years, we believe that every small change on an individual and community level would matter.
The organisation extensively contributes for environmental projects along with working on a project every year with the newly crowned winner of Miss Earth India.
We believe that :

  • The first step is to protect what we are left with.
  • To replenish and restore what we were granted with
  • Next, give nature a rebirth by what we humans have created"

It's team

The selfless, dedicated, committed and vigilant team and volunteers of DGF work day and night to uphold community welfare.

It's arm

Divine Beauty Private Limited (DBPL) is the arm of DGF. The organisation promotes young girls to participate in various social programs and to start their initiatives for environmental and social awareness. DGF supports the National Beauty contest 'Miss Divine Beauty' organized by DBPL. DGF along with DBPL has also introduced a new award 'Beauty with A Responsibility'. The award aims to not only highlight the work done by the winners to bring a substantial change but also support the future endeavours of their projects.

DGF's mission

DGF aspires to broaden its sphere of delivering its services to the society by expanding its services in other parts of the world and to the B segment towns of India as well. The organisation strives for a healthy environment not only for human beings but for all the species that reside on our planet earth.