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**RETURN GIFT is set of 2 packets (total weight 2.5kg+2.5KG=5KG).Each packet contains 5 positive millets(500grams each).

Contribute to The Divine Millet Movement


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5.00 KG
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 No (if No , We will distribute your return gifts to needy and unprivileged people completely free of cost.)


Gift of Love - Description

  • Millets can provide nutritional security and act as a shield against nutritional deficiency, especially among children and women.
  • Millets are grown in less irrigated areas, more specifically in uplands without using any chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
  • This is an eco friendly farming system, which has the potential to solve global food crisis too.
  • Your donation is helping a millet-based diverse farming system to cope up with uncertain agro-climatic conditions brought about by deforestation and can protect and conserve the local ecosystem.
  • The major objective is to create employment for tribal women by involving them in the most profitable farming sector and to make them socio-economically empowered.
  • Replacing rice crop with millet can tackle India's impending water crises and alleviate malnutrition Millets consume at least 70 per cent less water than other crops.