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Divine Millet Movement

Divine Group Foundation (DGF)
The internationally acclaimed Divine Group Foundation (DGF) works for the cause of serving society. It is dedicated to protect the environment, serve underprivileged children and support social cohesion, empower families, build models of development, and promote innovative leadership.

To carry forward its mission, DGF is helping the tribal farmers of the country. The organisation under the guidance of Mr Deepak Agarwal is helping the farmers who do not have a proper system to sell Millets.

Millets are rich in nutrients including; proteins, dietary fibre, B vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, copper and selenium. They are also a powerhouse of flavonoids, anthocyanins, saponins, antioxidants, and lignans that are good for human health. To increase millet farming the organisation trains tribal women on the importance of millets.

Divine Group Foundation is also helping the farmers in the collection of donations. It not only focuses on the receiver’s dignity but also concentrates on the donor’s pride. DGF takes proper care of the donors who help these farmers and get gifts from the farmers. The organisation purchases the millets from the farmers and sends them as gifts to donors.

DGF’s processing centres are the first place where millets are collected from the farmers, go through the rigorous process of sorting, segregating and packing before dispatching to the cities. DGF strongly believes that by doing all these, it can revive the millets on plates and thus ensure Nutritional Security in every part of the country. DGF has expanded its wings to the villages of India. The NGO has a plan to accelerate its expansion to several other countries.

Millet Movement and its Impact

DGF's initiative " Millet Movement “can impact the health of our citizens will lead to a strong and healthy nation.

  • Millets can provide nutritional security and act as a shield against nutritional deficiency, especially among children and women.
  • Millets are grown in less irrigated areas, more specifically in uplands without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • This is an eco-friendly farming system, which has the potential to solve global food crisis too.
  • Your donation is helping a millet-based diverse farming system to cope up with uncertain agro-climatic conditions brought about by deforestation and can protect and conserve the local ecosystem.
  • The major objective is to create employment for tribal women by involving them in the most profitable farming sector and to make them socio-economically empowered.
  • Replacing rice crop with millet can tackle India's impending water crises and alleviate malnutrition Millets consume at least 70 per cent less water than other crops.

Your contribution towards " Millet Movement" will go a long way in generating extra employment, improving the health of our citizens and in large it will build a strong economy and a healthy nation.

We urge you to start gifting "Millets" on festive occasions and on other corporate events and Practice grain diversity in your diet for wholesome nutrition.